Floodlight show narrating glimpse of "Vijaya Nagra Samrajya"

On the occasion of Kannada Rajyothsava, Cultural committee of S.D.M. Institute of Technology Ujire, organized a floodlight show narrating glimpse of “VijayaNagraSamrajya” on 11th November 2017. The program was conducted in association with faculties and Students of S.D.M. Institute of Technology Ujire. Faculties from the various Departments have actively participated. Dr. Krishnaprasad P.A., Mr. Vinay  M.R. Mr. Naveen Kumar, Mr. Naveen Pagad, Mr. Hanumanthraju, Mr. Ramesh, Dr. Basava and Students of SDMIT Ujire portrayed the Vijayanagara dynasty.Dr.Krishnaprasad P.A., chairman, cultural committee convened the show. Dr. Basava, Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering directed the play and the story is narrated by Prof. G.P. Hegde, of ISE department.